The excavations have so far uncovered extensive remains dating to the third millennium BC.

'Area 5'  contains the largest concentration of buildings. All but one cluster together and there are hints that some interconnected via short passages. They have very thick walls with relatively small interiors and a central hearth. Six buildings have so far been identified here, not all of which were contemporary. The 'westray wife', a small stone figurine, came from Area 5.  One of the most remarkable buildings here was Structure 9, the walls of which were found to contain cattle skulls as a foundation layer.

All of these buildings were covered by deep layers of midden waste once they had been abandoned. Much of our time during the 2009 and 2010 seasons has been spent carefully sampling and excavating this midden. It contains very large numbers of finds, including pottery, stone tools, worked bone, flint and animal bone (the photo below shows one of the mattocks, made from animal bone).