We have recently finished on site after a long summer season. Star finds have included a new figurine and a carved stone ball as well as lots of pottery, flint, animal bone, worked bone. We have spent much of the summer excavating Structure 18: this building is also known as 'Grobust' and was partly excavated by the National Museum of Scotland (also funded by Historic Scotland or rather its predecessor) between 1978-81. The building is interesting and unusual in form- not so regular in plan as most neolithic buildings. The picture below shows 'room 3' under excavation, with its large central hearth.

 The new figurine came from this building. Maeve McCormick, who found it, is holding it here - you can see that it is not as well preserved as the first one, which was found in 2009, but the shape is unmistakeable


Elsewhere on site, the other star find was a carved stone ball...see picture of Dawn at top of page